Anti-collision pillar maintenance method


The structural functions of anti-collision columns (als […]

The structural functions of anti-collision columns (also called lifting columns) or lifting pilings are based on the different needs of different customers. It consists of three parts: lifting column, power transmission device and electrical control system, maintenance method of anti-collision column:
1. The anti-collision pillar needs to check the oil level regularly.
2. The anti-collision column needs to lift the cylinder regularly to make the internal hydraulic system run.
3. Regularly check whether there is rubbish between the pillar covers to prevent the road piles from jamming.
4. Keep the drainage at the bottom of the lifting pile unblocked, and don't make the lifting pile soak in water for a long time or rub against sand and stones, which will cause the parts of the lifting pile to wear out too quickly.
5. If you need to use it normally in severe cold and snowy days, please go up and down regularly to prevent the lifting piles from freezing.

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