Highway signs, which are the four main components of road signs?


Highway signs are an important part of transportation f […]

Highway signs are an important part of transportation facilities. With highway signs, road signs guide everyone to know their driving road and traffic information clearly, and provide safety guarantee for our traffic travel. The establishment of road signs and road signs is essential in our lives. Do you know the main components of common road signs? Then Dongguan Jishuntong will give you a brief introduction to road signs and the four major components of road signs:
1. Card surface
The layout of highway signs is the main channel for us to provide us with information. The signs should be pasted with reflective film. Different levels of reflective film should be selected according to the needs of the road. The layout of ordinary road signs is blue, highway signs are green, warning signs are yellow, and prohibition signs are red.
2. Bottom plate
The bottom plate of the road sign can be selected from 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm thick aluminum alloy plate according to the road requirements. The material properties should meet the relevant requirements of GB5768, GB/T6892 and JT/T279. For the size of the sign board, the general outline dimension deviation is ±5mm. If the outline dimension is larger than 1.2m, the deviation is ±0.5% of the outline dimension, and the angle deviation between adjacent sides is 0.5°. The sign board should be flat without obvious wrinkles, dents or deformation on the surface, and the flatness tolerance per square meter of the sign board should not be greater than 1.0mm. The sign board is not allowed to have cracks, obvious scratches, damage and uneven color; on any surface with an area of ​​50×50cm2, it is not allowed to have one or more bubbles with a total area greater than 10mm, and no reverse The reflection performance is uneven.
3. Column
Highway sign post is also called road sign post, road sign post, sign post, Y-shaped post, Y-shaped post, F-shaped post, F-shaped post, T-shaped post, single cantilever sign post, double cantilever The sign posts and the uprights on both sides of the highway are used to indicate the traffic route. The road signs uprights are made of steel pipe and the surface is hot-dip galvanized.
4. Fasteners
The connecting parts of the road sign include connecting the sign board chute and the cross beam and the hoop and bolts, nuts, and the anchor bolts and nuts connecting the sign flange and the foundation. The outer dimensions and mechanical properties of the material should comply with GB/ T1938, GB/T3098 and other corresponding standard requirements.


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