How to properly install the speed bump


Speed bumps are almost always seen by people who cross […]

Speed bumps are almost always seen by people who cross the road. It is not strange in our lives. It is a transportation facility used to slow down. It is used to reduce the speed of vehicles. It is used to avoid excessive speed at the entrance of villages and factories. In the event of an accident, the speed bump can be used as a safety guarantee, so how to install the speed bump properly? Check out the introduction below:
1. Place the speed reducer to be installed along the road installation position, confirm that the installation is straight, and use the electric hammer to fix the eye in the reserved installation hole.
2. Remove the speed reducer, use 14 or 12 bit to make holes, the screw is 10 or 8 internal expansion screw.
3. Put the speed reducer in its original position, then tap the expansion screws in order and tighten them.
The installation method of the speed bump is briefly introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The speed bump is generally installed in a place with more traffic and pedestrian flow. It is used to slow down the speed of driving and ensure personal safety. It also It has made a huge contribution to the transportation business, so we must cherish our public facilities!

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