Introduction of technical parameters of rubber speed reducer


The scientific name of the rubber speed bump is called […]

The scientific name of the rubber speed bump is called the rubber speed ridge. It is designed according to the angle principle of the tire and the special rubber on the ground when the car is running. It is made of special rubber. It is a kind of used at the entrance of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, etc. A new type of transportation-specific setting for speed reduction of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. In order to better understand and use it, the following editor introduces the technical parameters of rubber speed reducer:
Screwboard streamline texture, the width of the texture is 13-15mm, each speed bump is equipped with 8 red reflective beads. Each speed bump includes yellow and black 500mm each. The location of the mounting hole is clearly marked by the brand.
thickness 15mm × width 100mm × length 500mm × weight 0.5kg/piece;
60mm×width 450mm×length 1000mm×weight 22.75kg/piece;
Second class, 50mm thick×380mm wide×1000mm long×16.75kg/block;
Three levels, 50mm thick × 330mm wide × 1000mm long × 12.25kg/block
Four levels, 45mm thick × 300mm wide × 1000mm long × 11.5kg/block;
Supporting "settling full wire steel nail", the length of the steel nail is 150mm, the diameter of the screw is 12mm, and the diameter of the top cover is 15mm.
The outer layer of the speed reduction belt is 8mm thick silicone layer, the color is bright, and the color can not be wiped off by gasoline or alcohol. The elongation at break is greater than 200%, and the 20-ton vehicle passes 40km/h without damage.


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