Introduction to the appearance design of rubber speed bumps


Rubber speed bumps are installed on the highway to slow […]

Rubber speed bumps are installed on the highway to slow down the passing vehicles. The shape of the traffic facilities is generally strip-shaped, but also point-shaped. The material is mainly rubber, but also metal. It is usually yellow and black to attract visual attention and make the road slightly Arching in order to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration, it is generally set at highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, and other road sections where vehicles need to slow down and road sections that are prone to traffic accidents. It is a new type of speed reduction for motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. Non-hazardous settings dedicated to traffic. Here is a detailed introduction to the appearance design of rubber speed bumps:
   The rubber speed bump should be integrally formed, and the outer surface should have stripes that increase adhesion. Each rubber deceleration belt unit should have retro-reflective material that is easy to identify at night. The surface should be free of pores, no obvious scratches, lack of material, uniform color, and no flash. The name of the production unit should be suppressed on the surface of the rubber speed bump. If it is connected to the ground by bolts, the bolt holes should be counterbored. Each unit of the rubber speed belt should be connected in a reliable way.
   The width and height section of the rubber speed belt unit should be approximately trapezoidal or arc. The width dimension should be in the range of (300 mm±5 mm) ~ (400 mm±5 mm), and the height dimension should be in the range of (25 mm±2 mm)-(70 mm±2 mm). On highways and urban roads The ratio of the height to the width of the rubber speed belt used on the above should not be greater than 0.7.
   Rubber speed bumps have greatly reduced the accidents at various traffic intersections, and are a new type of special facility with no traffic hazards. The car is neither dangerous in driving but also serves the purpose of buffering and decelerating, improving the non-hazardousness of the traffic crossing. At present, speed bumps are widely used in highways all over the world.

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