Road sign pile


Warning piles Nowadays, more and more road sign piles m […]

Warning piles Nowadays, more and more road sign piles made of glass steel pipe are used in the sales market. The material used is glass steel anticorrosive composite material, which has no use value to retrieve the application, so it is also anti-theft.
The warning lamp has good oxidation resistance, good compressive strength, and a long application life of more than 30 years. The surface text of the supporting pile adopts the concave text printed by the ink printing technical packaging and the improvement of the color solution. The top is separated and the top is the way the pipeline is moving. Mark clearly indicating the location of the pipeline.
Safety warning sign FRP anti-corrosion sign post has strong impact resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, good temperature-loving effect and long application life. Corrosion resistant, non-deformable, non-fading, and eye-catching. Low capital injection, low cost and good efficiency. Lightweight, convenient equipment, helpful for project construction. Good-looking and atmospheric. Flame retardant.
1. High compressive strength, strong load and impact resistance, able to accept strong impact force, not easy to deform and bump.
2. Anti-wear, heat-resistant, completely satisfying the requirements for suburban applications.
3. The product can be made into various colors, the font style is clearly painted, and the color does not fade.
 4. Anti-theft, no use value to retrieve, of course anti-theft.
 5. Anti-corrosion, fringe, flame retardancy, can be used in all natural environments, and more reliable when applied.
6. ​​Thorough specifications and strong design options.
7. The surface is beautiful, the color is bright and atmospheric, it is not easy to fade and burst, and there is no need to carry out mid-to-late maintenance.

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