Rubber speed bumps differ from other speed bumps


Rubber speed bumps, commonly found in unit squares, res […]

Rubber speed bumps, commonly found in unit squares, residential quarters, etc., about 5 cm above the ground, generally fixed to the ground with casing expansion screws, yellow and black, visually obvious, low price, but short service life, often appear After the rubber speed bump is removed from the screw, the long screw is exposed, which is easy to damage the tire. When the belt is repaired, the new speed bump is fixed on the ground.
Concrete structure speed bumps, common at village intersections, construction costs are not high, but the speed bumps are high and high, the color and the road surface are similar, the vision is not significant, driving to the front of the emergency brakes, bumps, and even hit the chassis.
Rubber speed reducer manufacturers introduce cast steel speed reducer, which is common in high-speed intersections, highway toll stations, gas stations, etc. These speed bumps are superior to rubber speed bumps in service life, but they are much higher in price than rubber speed bumps. .
Point-shaped speed bumps with porcelain sheets are commonly found on highways, ring roads, etc. These speed bumps are slightly higher than the road surface and appear in pieces. Generally, glass bead primers are used, and petroleum resin hot melt coatings are used. Into, beautiful, wear-resistant, nighttime visibility, the vehicle walks on it with a tremor and a squeaky sound, reminding the driver to slow down.

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