Speed ​​bump introduction


Speed ​​bumps are also known as speed bumps, speed arch […]

Speed ​​bumps are also known as speed bumps, speed arches, buffer belts, speed ramps, retard rubber, speed pads, speed bumps, rubber speed bumps, rubber road arches, rubber speed bumps, rubber speed bumps, rubber buffer belts, rubber speed bumps , Road speed bumps, road rubber speed bumps, road arches, rubber speed ridges. In foreign countries, it also has an alias called "Lying Police", which means that when a vehicle arrives here, it will slow down like a policeman. Compared with the original cement ridges and steel pipes, rubber speed bumps have shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less wear on the car, less noise, yellow and black, clear colors, no need to repaint every year, beautiful and elegant, etc. Features. After the use of speed bumps, accidents at various traffic intersections are greatly reduced, and it is a new type of special facility for traffic safety.
1. The cast steel deceleration belt is designed according to the principle of the actual contact angle between the tire and the ground during the driving; the appearance design is beautiful and reasonable, the compression performance is good, and the slope has a certain degree of softness, there is no strong sense of bumps when the vehicle hits, shock absorption, Good shock absorption effect;
2. The high-strength deceleration belt is made of high-strength pressure-resistant rubber, which can withstand 30 tons of pressure;
3. Fix it firmly on the ground with screws, so that it will not loosen when the vehicle hits;
4. There are special textures on the end joints to effectively avoid sliding. The specially designed groove stripes on the surface can ensure the anti-slip function in rainy and snowy days; the rubber deceleration ridge adopts a convex-concave natural anastomosing interface, which makes installation more convenient and labor-saving, and the pattern is human. The word flower is more conducive to drainage;
5. The international standard warning color is black and yellow, which is particularly eye-catching; the special process ensures that the color is durable and not easy to fade. It has extraordinary performance no matter the day and night, attracting the attention of drivers and successfully slowing down;
6. The cast steel deceleration belt adopts a combined structure according to actual requirements, which can be quickly and flexibly combined. The installation holes can help correct installation, simple installation and convenient maintenance;
7. It has a wide range of applications and can slow down the vehicle to 5-15 km/h. A new generation of safety products, a good helper for managers.
product material
The cast steel deceleration belt is made of high-tech composite rubber. The deceleration road arch is carefully designed and produced in accordance with the European BS traffic sign standard. The anti-aging index can exceed ten years, the wear resistance can reach tens of millions of times, and the applicable temperature is minus 32 to 65 degrees Celsius. , The product is sturdy and durable, pressure-resistant and long-lasting life, rubber deceleration with a certain degree of softness, no damage to vehicle tires, no strong bumps when the vehicle impacts, less wear on the vehicle, good shock absorption and shock absorption effects, and low noise. The color is eye-catching yellow and black, the color is distinct, and it is highly visible no matter in day or night.


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