The difference between rubber speed reducer and other speed reducer


Rubber speed bumps are common in places such as unit sq […]

Rubber speed bumps are common in places such as unit squares and residential quarters, and are about 5 cm above the ground. They are usually fixed to the ground with casing expansion screws, yellow and black, visually obvious, low price, but short service life, often appear After the rubber speed reduction belt is detached from the screw, the long screws are exposed, which is likely to cause damage to the tires of the car. When replacing it, the ground must be repaired before the new speed reduction belt is fixed on the ground.
Concrete structure speed reduction belts are common at village intersections, and the construction cost is not high, but the speed reduction belts have high protrusions, are similar in color to the road surface, and are not visually significant. They drove to the immediate emergency braking, which caused severe bumps and even hit the vehicle chassis.
Rubber speed reduction belt manufacturers introduce cast steel speed reduction belts, which are commonly used in high-speed intersections, highway toll stations, gas stations and other places. Such speed reduction belts have better service life than rubber speed reduction belts, but are much higher in price than rubber speed reduction belts. .
Dot-like speed bumps on ceramic tiles are commonly used on highways and expressways around the city. Such speed bumps are slightly higher than the road and appear in pieces. Generally, they are made of glass bead primer and petroleum resin hot-melt paint. It is beautiful, wear-resistant, and visible at night. The vehicle walking on it has a tremor and emits a chirping sound to remind the driver to slow down.

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