The necessity of rubber speed bump manufacturers to install rubber speed bumps


The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "integrit […]

The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, and service", and the business philosophy of survival by quality, development by innovation, and market-oriented is willing to work hand in hand with each customer. The necessity of rubber deceleration belt manufacturers to install rubber deceleration belts, let's look at it with the editor now.
1. The ride comfort of the driver is at a high level when the speed is lower than the road speed limit, and when the speed is higher than the road speed limit and lower than 85 percent of all speeding vehicles, the ride will deteriorate rapidly with the increase of the speed. It can maintain a stable low level at 85 percent of the speed of all speeding vehicles. The use effect of rubber speed bumps depends to a large extent on the running speed of the vehicle. The road speed limit must be set reasonably, and the geometric size of the speed bump must be scientifically designed.
2. With the increase of vehicle speed, driving reliability can be maintained at a stable level or even improved after it is reduced to a certain level. Rubber deceleration belts are also called rubber deceleration ridges. They are designed according to the principle of the angle between the tire and the ground when the car is running, and are made of special rubber.

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