Ways to avoid hurting the car through the speed bump


          Drive on the road usually, except for some si […]

          Drive on the road usually, except for some signs, we encountered more than the speed bump, some friends may not pay much attention at ordinary times, and occasionally suddenly passing the speed bump and suddenly not taken seriously. However, this kind of thing cannot be ignored, not only ruining the car but also hurting money! The following introduces the way that the speed bump does not hurt the car:
   ① Ensure that the wheels on both sides pass at the same time and are perpendicular to the speed bump, and cannot pass diagonally. This is the only way to maintain a balanced suspension force on the left and right sides of the vehicle, and the impact of the road can be evenly distributed on the wheels on both sides, thereby effectively reducing the damage caused by the impact of the road on the suspension.
   ② Reduce the vehicle speed to 20km/h in advance to reduce the vibration and shock to a low level, and at the same time, it can also ensure the non-hazardous driving ahead.
The editor’s suggestion here is to lower the speed of the vehicle immediately after passing the speed bump, and then do not go diagonally to the speed bump. You should go straight. In this case, the force of the two wheels will be even and the impact will be reduced. Can be better dispersed so that the damage to the car is small. As the owner, in order to prevent damage to our car, we should reduce the speed and drive slowly.



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