What are the effects of rubber speed bumps on the car


First, the tire. The tire is a part of the car that dir […]

First, the tire. The tire is a part of the car that directly contacts the ground. The speed bump will form a pressure on the side of the tire, causing the sidewall to be stressed. However, the sidewall is a weak part of the tire, so many modifications are made. Owners of big wheels and thin tires will choose to pass the cast steel speed bump at a very slow speed to prevent tire bulge caused by the speed bump.
Second, the suspension, the tire itself does not have much ability to absorb vibration, most of the vibration will be absorbed by the suspension, so the deceleration belt will bring a certain degree of wear and tear to the various parts of the suspension. Over time, the durability of the suspension will be reduced. Will be greatly affected.
Therefore, when riding the cast steel speed bump, riders must slow down and pass slowly, so as to reduce the damage to the car. For your own car and the safety of others, please slow down.


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