What are the requirements for the production of rubber speed bumps


The rubber speed bump is designed according to the angl […]

The rubber speed bump is designed according to the angle principle of the tire and the special rubber on the ground when the car is running. It is made of special rubber. It is used to reduce the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles at the entrances of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, etc. New speed-specific traffic settings, what are the requirements for producing rubber speed bumps?
 1. The deceleration belt should be integrally formed, and the outer surface should have stripes that increase adhesion;
2. Each speed-reduction belt unit should have retro-reflective materials that are easy to identify at night in the direction of the vehicle;
3. The surface of the rubber deceleration belt should be free of air holes, there should be no obvious scratches, lack of material, the color should be uniform and consistent, without flashing;
4. The name of the production unit should be suppressed on the surface of the speed reduction belt;
5. If the speed reducer is connected to the ground through bolts, the bolt holes should be counterbored. The units of the speed reduction belt should be connected in a reliable manner.


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