What are the styles of speed bumps? Check out those common speed bumps


With the continuous increase in the number of motor veh […]

With the continuous increase in the number of motor vehicles, various traffic accidents are also occurring one after another. In order to reduce the probability of traffic accidents, on the one hand, the Traffic Management Bureau has increased the difficulty of driving tests and curbed this trend by improving the quality of drivers. On the other hand, stricter fines and demerit measures have been introduced. In addition, speed bumps have become another means. What styles do speed bumps have? Take stock of the common speed bumps.

Speed ​​bumps have become very popular in urban traffic in recent years. Especially in the campus, because of the large flow of people, speed bumps can be seen everywhere. For pedestrians, the appearance of speed bumps is a boon. Because it can force the driver to reduce the speed of driving to ensure the safety of passers-by. Moreover, car owners have to travel slowly to protect their cars.
The more common speed belt of cast steel speed belt is black and yellow. In some places with a lot of pedestrians and no traffic lights, the speed bumps force the drivers and friends to slow down. I have to admire the inventor of the speed bump, which has a significant effect on some "unconscious" drivers. It is not that the law is better than the law. Because if the vehicle does not slow down, if things go on like this, the chassis and body structure will gradually loosen. There are also some more extreme speed bumps, which form an array of speed bumps by increasing the number. In this situation, the old driver can only slow down and taxi.

In more and more places, there has also been an upgraded version of the speed bump ---limited width cement pile. Even if you encounter a bad-tempered or road rage driver, you have to slow down and get in. Moreover, cement piles with over-limit width also need to test a person's driving skills. If you don't pay attention, the car body may leave unforgettable scratches. Moreover, this kind of thing cannot be justified. When faced with these cheating speed bumps, the old driver instantly lost his temper.


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