Why does the speed bump sound


The products made by the manufacturers of transportatio […]

The products made by the manufacturers of transportation facilities can be used in the transportation industry, but sometimes our cast steel deceleration belts may creak and creak in the bottom of the car when they encounter the acceleration belt. What is the general cause? ?
In fact, there are many reasons for the appearance of the product. When the vehicle is driving through the cast steel speed belt, it may be due to the aging of the balance bar boom, which causes its performance problems. Secondly, you need to check the rubber at the bottom. Whether there is aging phenomenon, if it is serious, we need to replace it immediately to prevent it from affecting the performance of the product. The steering gear tie rod ball head gap is too large, we can raise the vehicle, grab both sides of the wheel and shake it left and right to check Large amount, if the tie rod ball head works well, it will not be shaken.
In order to ensure the quality of the product, it can be inspected and repaired at regular intervals. If any damage is found, it needs to be replaced immediately at this time.


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