We create custom expandable barrier for each customer, for construction and general customization work and needs.

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Sale signage road signs, beacons of different sizes, closed street signs, detours, bright and much more.


We offer a wide range of anti-collision products to reduce shocks and protect your driving safety at a critical juncture

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Founded in 1988, Zhejiang Luba Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the National Highway 104 on the Sanmen Bay, is a

China rubber expandable barriers manufacturers

, we are specializing in the production of wide-angle lens, speed reducer, road cone, rubber corner protector, car stop, various signs, signs and other products. In 1996, the factory selected 3M imported reflective film with high safety factor. It is a designated manufacturer of the transportation department of our province. The products are exported to all over the world .


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How to pass the speed bump without hurting the car

How to pass the speed bump without hurting th...

In fact, the ubiquitous speed bumps in the city seem to be unremarkable, but they do have a certain impact on the loss of vehicles, especially the suspension system. Let's take a look at the correct response: 1. Passing ...

What will happen if you don't slow down when overspeeding

What will happen if you don't slow down when ...

Speaking of the speed bump, I believe that everyone will not feel strange, because the car will basically shake when passing the speed bump. We doubt life. This speed bump not only reminds us to slow down, but also remin...

How to distinguish horizontal and vertical speed bumps

How to distinguish horizontal and vertical sp...

The rubber speed bump material is made of rubber, and the shape is a slope. The color is often seen in yellow and black. It is fixed to the road junction with expansion screws. It is a safety facility that plays the role...

What are the standard settings for speed bumps

What are the standard settings for speed bump...

The speed bump is made of high-strength rubber, which has good compression resistance, and the slope body has a certain degree of softness. There is no strong bumpy feeling when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption...

Какие типы лежачих полицейских

Какие типы лежачих полицейских

Теперь на дороге появляется все больше и больше ударов скорости, всем должно быть любопытно, какие бывают удары скорости? Следующие редакторы познакомят вас с лежачими полицейскими.Производство дорожных полицейских играе...

What are the types of speed bumps

What are the types of speed bumps

Now there are more and more speed bumps on the road, everyone must be curious, what kind of speed bumps are there? The following editors will introduce speed bumps to you. The generation of speed bumps plays a very impor...

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