We create custom expandable barrier for each customer, for construction and general customization work and needs.

Road sign

Sale signage road signs, beacons of different sizes, closed street signs, detours, bright and much more.


We offer a wide range of anti-collision products to reduce shocks and protect your driving safety at a critical juncture

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Founded in 1988, Zhejiang Luba Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the National Highway 104 on the Sanmen Bay, is a

China rubber expandable barriers manufacturers

, we are specializing in the production of wide-angle lens, speed reducer, road cone, rubber corner protector, car stop, various signs, signs and other products. In 1996, the factory selected 3M imported reflective film with high safety factor. It is a designated manufacturer of the transportation department of our province. The products are exported to all over the world .


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Talk about the wide-angle lens for you

Talk about the wide-angle lens for you

A wide-angle lens is a photographic lens with a focal length shorter than a standard lens, a larger angle of view than a standard lens, a focal length longer than a fisheye lens, and a smaller angle of view than a fishey...

I will introduce you to the corner of the wall

I will introduce you to the corner of the wal...

The corner of the wall is mainly made of acrylic, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the base material is bent into a 90-degree contour through hot bending, bending and other processes, so as to protect the corner f...

Talk about introducing rubber speed bumps for you

Talk about introducing rubber speed bumps for...

The rubber speed bump is made of rubber material and its shape is inclined. The colors are usually yellow and black. It is fixed at the intersection with expansion screws. It is a safety device for decelerating vehicles....

Anti-collision pillar maintenance method

Anti-collision pillar maintenance method

The structural functions of anti-collision columns (also called lifting columns) or lifting pilings are based on the different needs of different customers. It consists of three parts: lifting column, power transmission ...

Traffic sign production

Traffic sign production

1. Cutting and cutting Before cutting, first adjust the slope of the cutting machine to match the required slitting ruler. Determine the position of the steel plate to ensure the maximum size of the remaining material so...

Highway signs, which are the four main components of road signs?

Highway signs, which are the four main compon...

Highway signs are an important part of transportation facilities. With highway signs, road signs guide everyone to know their driving road and traffic information clearly, and provide safety guarantee for our traffic tra...

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