Damage to the car by various methods of overspeeding


I think everyone should be familiar with the speed bump […]

I think everyone should be familiar with the speed bump. Now I will take you to understand the damage to the car caused by the various methods of the speed bump. For better use.
1. Overspeed deceleration belt
The high-speed over-speed bump hurts the car. The faster the speed, the greater the impact on the chassis and the frame. Especially for cars with a low chassis, the speed must be controlled when passing the speed bump. The speed is faster, it is easy to hold the bottom, and it may cause bending damage to the shock absorber.
2. Stepping on the brake over the speed bump
When stepping on the brakes, the center of gravity of the body moves forward. The center of gravity moves forward and the body leans forward, the spring of the front suspension will be compressed, the cushioning effect will be weakened, and the downward force will also be generated. The shock absorber can withstand the force of ups and downs, but the front and back forces are not within the working range of the shock absorber, so the shock will be damaged and the bumps will be greater.
3. One-sided wheel over-speed bump
Now the wheels of most cars are independently suspended, which means that the two wheels are stressed independently of each other without interference. Even if the rear wheels of some cars are not independently suspended, it is just a pole in the middle of the two suspensions, and the stress point is mainly on the shock absorber. If you really have to ask what effect the unilateral over-speed bump has on the car, it should be the tire. After a long time, the degree of wear of the wheels on both sides will be different, and the grip of the tires will be different. It will easily run off and affect safety.


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