Warning printing board's main printing process


The main printing process for warning signs: first prin […]

The main printing process for warning signs: first print light color, silk plate and positioning: aluminum plate data is positioned with three points. When printing in color. Reprint dark colors. The distance between the printing plate and the substrate is 12 mm, and the spacing is very small. It is related to the selection of the screen. The nylon mesh has good elasticity and is very flexible, usually 23 mm. The urethane rubber sheet for the squeegee has a hardness of 7075 degrees and a thickness of 89 mm. The squeegee at the time of printing is preferably 70 degrees, and the squeegee speed should be linearly moved at a constant speed. Proper protective film: After the printed label, in order to avoid the formation of wounds during cutting and transportation, the surface should be covered with a clear pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film, and the double-sided adhesive tape should not be attached. Cutting: With a small shearing bed, the forming can be positioned with holes or positioned to punch.

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