Speed bump repair and maintenance


In recent years, the township establishment of the city […]

In recent years, the township establishment of the city has achieved clear results, and the villages in each village have been hard-rooted. The villagers of Liangdu Village blindly set up speed bumps on the township road passing through the village. This effectively effectively protects the lives of the villagers, especially children and white storks. The actual contact angle between the tire and the ground is designed. The shape design is beautiful and reasonable, and the compression resistance is good. There is no strong bump in the impact of the vehicle. The shock absorption and shock absorption effects are good. However, according to the relevant query, the speed bump is displayed. If you can't be a stumbling block, you must be a transportation device that helps people.
The speed bump should be inspected in time to be firmly fixed to the ground with screws. It will not loosen when the vehicle hits. The end section has special texture to avoid sliding. Pay attention to whether the groove stripe ensures the anti-skid in rainy and snowy days.


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