What are the characteristics of rubber speed bumps


With the improvement of people's living standards, the […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of cars is now increasing, and it is necessary to set up roadblocks and speed bumps. The rubber speed reduction belt is made of rubber material and has a sloping appearance. The color is often yellow and black. It is fixed to the road junction with expansion screws. It is a safety device that plays a role in decelerating the vehicle. Here are some specific features for you:
1. Professional design, significant deceleration performance, and no noise and discomfort.
2, high-strength rubber is strong and practical, durable pressure.
3. According to the actual requirements, fast and flexible combination, easy to install.
4, black and yellow, extraordinary performance both day and night, attracting the attention of motorists, successful deceleration.
In summary, the rubber deceleration belt has shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less wear to the car, less noise, yellow and black, clear colors, and does not need to be repainted every year. After using the product, it is greatly reduced It is a new type of special facility for traffic safety to prevent accidents at major traffic crossings.


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