What is the main function of the speed bump


Speed ​​bumps are mainly used on the ground of urban in […]

Speed ​​bumps are mainly used on the ground of urban intersections, highway crossings, toll passages, garden areas, parking lots, garages, gas stations and other entrances, slopes and other places. Many people are accustomed to it, but many people are not very clear about its role. , The following editor will talk about the main function of the speed bump, I hope to help everyone.
The speed bump achieves speed reduction by affecting the driving psychology of the driver. When the vehicle passes the deceleration belt at a higher speed, severe vibration will be transmitted from the tire to the driver through the body and the seat. The vertical curve can generate a vertical acceleration and generate strong physiological stimulation (including vibration and visual stimulation) And psychological stimulation. Physiological stimulation causes the driver to have a strong sense of discomfort, while psychological stimulation deepens the driver's doubts about the danger, and further reduces the driver's sense of danger to the road environment. Normally, the driver thinks that the greater the degree of uncertainty, the smaller the risk of the vehicle running without danger, that is, the less sense of danger. Therefore, the setting of the speed bump will reduce the expected value of the driver's sense of danger and rideability, prompting the driver to choose a lower desired speed. Under the guidance of the desired speed, the driver will actively drive the vehicle to approach and pass the speed bump at a lower driving speed.
The speed bump is a transportation facility that is installed on the road to slow down passing vehicles. The shape is generally strip-shaped or a little bit. The material is mainly rafters or metal. It is generally yellow and black to attract visual attention and make the road surface. It is slightly arched to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration. It is generally installed in road sections, industrial and mining enterprises, residential area entrances and other sections that require vehicles to slow down and are prone to cause traffic accidents. It is used to reduce the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. New type of traffic-free and non-hazardous setting. Speed ​​bumps greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents at major traffic intersections, and are a new type of special facilities without traffic hazards. The vehicle is neither dangerous nor buffering and decelerating during driving, so as to increase the danger of traffic crossings.



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