Why the color of the speed bump is black and yellow


Speed ​​bumps are very common. The colors are black and […]

Speed ​​bumps are very common. The colors are black and yellow. Do you know why the colors of the speed bumps are black and yellow? Let's take a look:
The speed reduction belt is made of high-strength rubber. The rubber speed reduction belt has excellent shock absorption and compression resistance, long service life, less wear and tear on the car, and low noise. The color is eye-catching yellow and black, and the color is clear, regardless of whether it is day or night. Highly visible.
Remind the driver to slow down. When the car passes, it has the function of noise reduction and reply to prevent traffic accidents from happening in time. Some speed bumps are also inlaid with reflectors that reflect bright red or green light at night, which can attract the driver's attention, reduce vehicle speed, and improve safety.
The anti-pressure ability of the speed reduction belt is strengthened and easy to install. Professional design, significant deceleration efficiency, no noise and discomfort; high-strength rubber is sturdy and practical, and durable pressure; fast and flexible combination according to actual requirements, easy to install; black and yellow, excellent performance no matter day or night, attracting drivers Attention, successful deceleration; a wide range of applications, a new generation of security products, a good helper for managers.


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