You must know these superior properties of rubber speed bumps


Rubber deceleration belts have the characteristics of s […]

Rubber deceleration belts have the characteristics of shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less wear on the car, less noise, yellow and black, clear colors, no need to repaint every year, beautiful and generous. After using this product, accidents at major traffic crossings have been greatly reduced. It is also a new type of special facility for traffic safety in provinces and cities. At the same time, rubber deceleration has some so-called superior properties that everyone needs to know:
1. It is made of high-strength rubber, which has good compression resistance, and the slope has a certain degree of softness. There is no strong bumpy feeling when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption and shock absorption are good.
2. It is firmly fixed on the ground with screws, and will not loosen when the vehicle hits;
3. There are special textures on the end sections to effectively avoid sliding;
4, black and yellow, particularly eye-catching; high brightness reflective beads can be installed on each end section, reflecting light at night, so that the driver can see the position of the deceleration slope;
5.Special process to ensure long-lasting color and not easy to fade;
6. Simple installation and convenient maintenance;
7. Suitable for use in parking lots, residential areas, entrances of institutions and schools, and toll gates.

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